ODD (Office of Development & Design) is a New York and Los Angeles based design and animation company, helmed by Executive Creative Director Gary Breslin, formally of Panoptic. ODD is more than a design and animation company, it is a think tank, a space for experimentation, exploration, and development. ODD is a lab for creativity that need not live only inside a digital space. ODD specializes in creating memorable experiences from concept to delivery that span across a variety of platforms. ODD’s clients range from broadcast and digital agencies, to feature film makers, architects, and global brands.

TASTE exists to support food photographer and co-founder Thomas Schauer’s ambitions in the culinary world of motion picture and sound. Thomas’ signature cookbooks for globally renowned chefs showcase his passion for mouth-watering dishes, best selling books for celebrities such as Dominique Ansel, Daniel Boulud and David Bouley. Founder Tim Case, along with Executive Producer Alexis Kaplan, also bestow TASTE with extensive experience in the tabletop industry. They have been seeking an extraordinary talent in the culinary field for many years, someone with enough promise to transition from stills to motion.Thomas is that individual, someone who has the potential to become one of the foremost tabletop directors in the world.