ODD (Office of Development & Design) is a New York and Los Angeles based design and animation company, helmed by Executive Creative Director Gary Breslin, formally of Panoptic. ODD is more than a design and animation company, it is a think tank, a space for experimentation, exploration, and development. ODD is a lab for creativity that need not live only inside a digital space. ODD specializes in creating memorable experiences from concept to delivery that span across a variety of platforms. ODD’s clients range from broadcast and digital agencies, to feature film makers, architects, and global brands.

Our job is simple. With over 20 years of photography and motion experience, TASTE exists to fulfill each client’s needs. Whether a humble root vegetable or a Michelin-starred composition, we create an exclusive visual language to showcase each project at its absolute best.
Fresh, modern and product sensitive, TASTE cares deeply about food culture, leveraging our relationships with master chefs to ensure that our production expertise and gourmet knowledge produces the best, and most authentic, cuisine branding possible. Taste offers motion, still capture packages and a full range of post and CGI to suit every need from the simplest to the most complex shoots in the competitive market today!
TASTE is available for small to large-scale productions on an international scale, operating studios in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as in Vienna, Austria.

Tony Kaye Collaborations is supported by Supply & Demand and acclaimed director Tony Kaye.